Simple Creations is the culmination of years of seeking and finding my creative voice. I have spent time reflecting on who I am and what brings me joy. I have learned to listen to the creative side of my brain and let the love I have for this craft flow through my work. In the process, I realized how much my Mom influenced who I am as an artist. In order to understand who I am and what I bring to this craft, I first need to share how my Mom influenced me as a quilter.


I grew up watching my Mom sewing dresses, shorts and tops for summer, and pants for winter. I have distinct memories of standing next to her at the old Singer machine that she used for years. I can see in my mind’s eye the pins slide into the fabric and out again as they approached the needle. I remember waiting with anticipation for the elastic bands in the waist or puffy sleeves (my favorite!) to be secured and complete. Over the years, her sewing talent turned toward prom dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses and wedding gowns. It was after many years, when all of us nine children were grown and gone, that she focused her talent on quilting.


Now it was her turn to anticipate the finished product! I remember watching her excitedly show me her work as the blocks took shape and the quilts were completed. She loved it all; the colors, the cutting, the sewing and the hours upon hours of hand quilting the finished tops. The masterpieces unfolded slowly but surely in her hands. She had caught the quilting bug. Each of us were gifted with quilts for our homes. Each grandchild was welcomed into the world with a “Grandma blanket”. All of these quilts have been used and cherished throughout the years. 

Mom's Quilt.jpg
Anita and baby.jpg

As for me, while working as a nurse and raising my own four children, I never imagined that my empty nest would one day be filled with a longarm quilting machine. There were many times when I would tell my co-workers during a stressful day, “I just want to go home and make quilts!” I said it in jest and never really believed it would happen. Somehow along the way, that wish started to sound more realistic. I took some quilting classes. I sorted colors and collected fabric. I tried cutting squares and sewing a few together. The dream was only a whisper but it was taking shape. When our last child graduated and we relocated back “home” to Kentucky, I started to listen more closely to the whisper. I took another quilting class. I spent time getting to know my fancy domestic quilting machine.  I made a baby quilt or two for gifts. Then I went to a sewing expo and there I stumbled across the magic of a longarm machine! The first time I held those handles and made some shaky designs, I was hooked! Just like my Mom. The dream quickly took shape and the whisper was clear. I had found my creative voice.

My days are now filled with the joy of finishing the treasures of other quilters.